Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seminar Updates

Sharon is very excited to be invited as one of the penal speakers of a prestigious EB-5 seminar held at Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China today.   This seminar is dedicated specifically to the EB-5 offering of SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, the hottest EB-5 project in China’s EB-5 market this summer.  Thanks to Mr. Larry Wang, CEO of China’s most recognized EB-5 immigration agency, this seminar has obtained another great success among Chinese media and EB-5 investors.

SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino EB-5 offering is a unique Hotel & Casino project located right on the famous Las Vegas Stripe. It is specifically designed to fit EB-5 job creation requirements with minimal investment risks for EB-5 investors.  It is a renovation project on one of the historical icons in Las Vegas’s hotel and casino history – the old Sahara Hotel.  From the conception of this project, it has attracted the attention of many EB-5 investors, immigration agents, U.S. financial institutions, institutional developer and contractors, and immigration attorneys.  It truly is a shining new star in the EB-5 market.

At the seminar, Sharon was invited to discuss and share with friends from the Chinese media information regarding recent EB-5 policies, trends, EB-5 antidotes, and most of all—news on the “sunset” of EB-5 pilot program on September 30th this year.  The timing was perfect, and Sharon was able to share the news that the U.S. Senate has unanimously passed the extension of the EB-5 pilot program. Although the extension still needs to be passed by the House before President Obama officially signs it into law, at this point, it is almost certain that news regarding the affirmation of the extension will be released prior to September 30th.
This EB5 project is sponsored by Las Vegas Regional Center, a USCIS approved EB-5 regional center. The Regional Center is allowed to operate over 30 clusters of business activities, including hotel, casino, and manufacturing...etc. Sharon has been collaborating with Las Vegas Regional Center and its fantastic owners for the past few years, and during the course of collaborating, established trust and accountabilities both ways.   Sharon is very excited to be able to be involved in this exciting project and work with trusted friends as well as highly respected EB-5 professionals, including Mr. Ron Klasko, the most notable and respected EB-5 attorney in the United States.

The seminar also invited the founder and CEO of SBE - Mr. Sam Nararian, and the Managing Director of Stockbridge – Mr. Darren Drake.  SBE and Stockbridge co-own the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino project.  Sharon was delighted to finally meet with Sam and Darren for the first time and has the opportunity to know more of the person behind this great EB-5 offering. 
The SLS hotel brand is one of the subsidiaries of the SBE brand. Currently, SLS has a chain of hotels operating in Los Angeles, New York, Beverly Hills, and SBE just opened a new SLS hotel in Miami South Beach this May.
For more information about this EB-5 offering, American Dream Fund, Stockbridge, and SBE, please log on their website at www.adreamfund.com, www.slslasvegas.com.cn, www.sbe.com, and www.stockbridge.com


the above is my personal share of my whereabouts and some news about EB5 project. Its not investment/legal advice nor anything relates to soliciting investment to this project. Investors are advised to consult their own immigration and investment consultants for Eb5 opportunity.